Why Meet with a Spiritual Director?

In our culture, our lives are very noisy and rushed. Often, we need help to slow down, to “turn down the noise” and really listen to our lives. Spiritual direction allows us to listen more deeply. It helps us gain clarity about our relationships, our hopes and concerns, our conflicts and our joys.

Former Bishop Brian Prior says that meeting with a spiritual director in his young adult years was “completely transformative,” and having a spiritual director for the balance of his life has been an important part of his faith journey. Watch the video to hear more.

When is spiritual direction helpful?

Spiritual direction can be helpful at any time of life but especially during times of discernment or grief or major life transition.  Spiritual direction is not therapy or pastoral counseling.  It does not set out the “fix” a particular problem.  The relationship lasts as long as the director and the directee find it sustaining and nourishing.

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